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Euphonic - The first revolutionary tuner to harness color to help you master pitch

4.4 ( 9744 ratings )
Утилиты Музыка
Разработчик John Brunsfeld

Take the chore of tuning your instrument, and use it as chance to become a better player.

It is well known that people with true pitch often associate a color with that pitch!

Euphonic is the first tuner to map the notes on your instrument to the same place on the color spectrum. It is a modern tuner that works as well as any other quality tuner app, but it has the possibility to take your playing to the next level just by using it.

While you tune, each note is mapped to a color. Over time, these colors will help you make associations to tone.

We use simple shapes and a direct color mapping as a way to try to turn the chore of tuning up into a chance to become a better player!

- Match the two circles, you are in tune.
- Tune any instrument.
- Train your self by matching pitch with color, and color with pitch.
- Practice using the simple metronome.